Genuine 24K gold solid engraved luxurious ring, Au999 gold stamped wide band ring, 99% of gold , real K gold band ring, for men, women

♥ 24k gold Solid Yellow Gold band ring, purity guaranteed, support any tests

♥Rich and elegant glowing solid gold ring. Rustic, understated luxury.
♥ Delicate hammered solid 24k gold ring.
♥Size of the band: 5MM approximately
♥Weight: 1.4g approximately
♥ Mailed in a Jewelry box suitable for
♥gifting, surprising your loved ones

♥Each ring is made with high quality 24k yellow gold, certificated stamp Au999 contain 99% of gold and is suitable for daily wear, suitable for men and women

♥24K gold polished surface

♥Ring size:

How to know your finger size? Please follow the next steps,

1,Take a piece of paper of 5cm or longer, and 0.5cm of wide, wrap around your finger
2,Tighten the paper and overlap the paper with a pen to make the mark
3,Mark the knuckle in the same way
4.Tile two paper strips and measure the length, take the bigger size between the two

US & Canada size chart:

Number       Perimeter(mm)            diameter(mm)

NO. 4 1/4          47.4mm                15,1mm
NO. 4 1/2          48.4mm                15,4mm
NO. 5                49.6mm                15,8mm
NO. 5 1/2           50.6mm               16,1mm
NO. 6                 51.8mm               16,5mm
NO. 6 1/2           53.1mm               16,9mm
NO. 6 3/4           54mm                  17,2mm
NO. 7 1/4           55.3mm                17,6mm
NO. 7 1/2           56.2mm                17.9mm
NO. 8                 57.5mm                18,3mm
NO. 8 1/4           58.4mm                18,6mm
NO. 8 1/2           59.7mm                19mm

Singapore & Japanese Size chart

Number               Perimeter(mm)              diameter(mm)

NO.9                    47.4mm                        15,1mm
NO.10                  48.4mm                        15,4mm
NO.11                  49.6mm                        15,8mm
NO.12                  50.6mm                        16,1mm
NO.13                  51.8mm                        16,5mm
NO.14                  53.1mm                        16,9mm
NO.15                  54mm                           17,2mm
NO.16                  55.3mm                        17,6mm
NO.17                  56.2mm                        17.9mm
NO.18                  57.5mm                        18,3mm
NO.19                  58.4mm                        18,6mm
NO.20                  59.7mm                        19mm

From the size No.8 to No.9, sizes are considered very small sizes, basically for slim fingers or for pinkies
Sizes from No.10 to No.15 are considered medium sizes, standard sizes for women
Sizes from No.16 to No.20 are considered large sizes for women, and smallest size for men

♥Shipping information:

We will prepare your orders in 2-3 weeks, and take 10-30 days to arrive estimately, Probably packages could suffer from a delay depending on unexpected incidents, when you have a situation like this, please contact us, we will respond within 24 hours

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