Genuine 18K gold solid earring , Au750 gold solid , Japanese Natural Akoya Seawater pearls, akoya gray blue pearls, mirror surface


♥To our European clients, that I will ship your orders without being charged by the customs; you won't pay more for your orders

♥I will introduce this fantastic earrings studs, which are made of gold 18Karat, stamped with Au750 , they are not gold—plated, nor gold-filled, however they are 18K gold contain 75% of gold, therefore will be easier to protect you against allergy,

@ the price includes a pair of earrings with pearls and a beautiful gift box !

♥Ear pin: gold solid 18Kt, contains 75% of gold

♥Material : 18K white gold, AU750 real gold

♥Pearls; Japanese Akoya seawater pearls, perfect round, with very tiny birthmarks on the surface of the pearls, almost invisible

♥Quality of the pearls: mirror luster, gray with slight blue luster

♥Shipping information:

We will prepare your orders in 1-2 weeks, and take 10-30 days to arrive estimately, Probably packages could suffer from a delay depending on unexpected incidents, when you have a situation like this, please contact us, we will respond within 24 hours

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