Genuine 18K gold solid brick pendant charm, Au750 stamped gold, hollow pendant 18K rose goldï¼?75% of gold jewellry, small weight


♥To our European clients, that I will ship your orders without being charged by the customs; you won't pay more for your orders

Made of real gold of 18K stamped with Au750, which means that contain 75% of gold, Hollow space with small weight

â™?**not gold plated, not gold filled, they are 18K gold, 75% of gold content***

♥Material : gold solid 18 carat gold, stamped with Au750, contains 75% of gold
♥Color : 18K rose gold, 18K yellow gold
♥Thickness: 0,9MM approximately
♥Weight: 0,3G approximately
♥Size of the pendant:14.8mm X 9mm approximately

♥Shipping information:

We will prepare your orders in 1-2 weeks, and take 10-30 days to arrive estimately, Probably packages could suffer from a delay depending on unexpected incidents, when you have a situation like this, please contact us, we will respond within 24 hours

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