Floating Japanese Akoya Pearl charm pendant gray blue 8-9mm, with 18K gold solid fine chain, Au750 stamped gold adjustable chain


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♥Gray blue Akoya Floating charm Necklace

♥Japanese Akoya pearls are considered the classic. They are famous for their great luster and round shapes.
♥This single gray blue pearl comes from the great luster Japanese Akoya family.


�Genuine Japanese Akoya pearl

�Size: 7-8mm, 8-9mm in diameter

�Shape: round

�Color: light grey with blue , natural untreated

�Luster: high graded, with mirror-like luster

�Surface: tiny spot or tiny birthmarks on somewhere, keep in mind that all natural pearls are hard to be flawless and spotless,


�Length: Necklace length is adjustable total length 18 inches (45cm)

�Solid 18k gold chain

The option 1: chain weight 0,3g
The option 2: chain weight 0,8g

�Material of the chain: 18K gold solid, stamped with Au750, contains 75% of gold

The pictures were taken in natural daylight and reflect the true colors of the item. Each monitor displays color differently, so they may appear slightly lighter or darker in true life.

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