18K gold solid double-sided pearl earring studs, Au750 stamped gold, freshwater round white pearl earring, large pearls, 18K rose gold jewelry

...........the price is for a pair...................

♥Bright and shiny,  top graded AAAA white fresh water pearls, natural white Pearls, untreated color, cultivated fresh water white double-pearl earring, with slight pink luster   

 ♥Pearl diameter: 4-5MM back pearl , and 8-9MM front pearl,  5-6MM back pearl , and 9-10MM front pearl

                                 6-7MM back pearl , and 11-12MM front pearl

♥18K gold solid, Au750 stamped gold, 75% of gold

♥18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold, 18K white gold are available

♥Pearl quality: perfect round, shinning with tiny birthmarks on the bottom of pearls, almost invisible, bale white color, with slight pink luster, super-shinning, mirror-like surface

♥*Complimentary jewelry box, the price is for a pair

♥Shipping information:

We  will prepare your  orders in 2-3 weeks, and take 10-30 days to arrive estimately, Probably packages could suffer from a delay depending on unexpected incidents, when you have a situation like this, please contact us, we will respond within 24 hours

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