Genuine 18K gold solid Akoya double sided pearl earrings, Au750 gold, 75% gold earring studs Japanese Akoya pearls


♥Round slight flaw natural sea water exquisite Japanese Akoya pearls

♥Size of the pearls: diameter,4-5MM & 7-8MM, 6-7MM & 8-9MM

♥Color: 18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold

♥Insert-in to pearl earring, hard to lose, tight to earlobe

♥Bead-shaped round , shiny and slight flaws, like tiny birthmarks, white or white with very slight pink luster , transparent, mirror -like surface

♥The gold earrings are made of pure 18K gold solid , AU750 stamped which means 75% of gold element, not gold -plated , not gold filled !

♥Complimentary jewelry box.

♥Shipping information:

We will prepare your orders in 3-5 business days !

To United States all the orders will be delivered by DHL or USPS, therefore your orders will be safe and well protected ( delivery estimated days between 10-25 natural days)

To Canada and Australia all orders will be delivered by and ( delivery estimated days between 15-35 days)

To United Kingdom all packages will be delivered by Royalmail ( delivery estimated days between 7-15 days)

To all clients within European Union packages will be delivered by your local post services( delivery estimated days between 7-15 days)

To Spain national clients we will use Correos to deliver your packages  ( between 2-5 days)

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